Sunday, April 29, 2012

Few sWeeT sNacks to eat wHen You Visit Kelantan =)

Try C.P.T.... Cendol Pulut Tapai where the ice was grind coarsely like ABC but you put the coconut milk together with a handful of glutinous rice and few tapai. On top of it... some "gula melaka" or the Kelantanese called this 'Nissae' (kelakarnya biler org kelate kecek will sound "Nissan!!!" hahahaha ...this dessert is very helpful to reduce heat in your body especially after tired walking around for shopping at Pengkalan Kubur, Tumpat. (I took this picture after shopping @Pengkalan Kubur know as for it's Duty Free!!! you can just buy this at one of the stall there!)

But if you like the hot & spicy can try this "SOMTAM".... a Thai's dish. A shredded young papaya mix with dried prawns, chilies, kankong, peanuts, vinegar and thai sos!!!

And if you go to Pantai Cahaya Bulan or Pantai Irama, Bachok ... don't forget to go to the stall and order few ringgit of "keropok gote" or keropok lekor and many other fried foods such as fishball, prawnball, crabball and even ikan/sotong/udang/ketam goreng celup tepung with Colek!!! wah ...delicious!!!

aaahhh... the colourfull ABC or Ice Kacang!!!

And the last one...but this is my favorite!!!


黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Warna warna Kelantan ! Nice ABC kelantan style !

Syam said...

Mai aii..terliur kawe tgk..hehe

adrenalina said...

wong : come visit Kelate ~~~ there're a lots of warna2 that I had not capture yet!maybe we can see different angle from you =)

syam : w'salam...huahuahua...kawe pun terliur same gak tgk gambar hok homesick nih =)